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My 2017 Action Plan!

Something I love about the turn of the new year is getting to start a brand new reading challenge! When I was in college I studied English and had to read all sorts of stuff from Chaucer to Beowulf, and Shakespeare to modern greats such as McCarthy and Morrison. It’s fair to say my love of reading dwindled during this time, being forced to critically read things like Tess of the D’Urbervilles doesn’t exactly ignite a fire inside me! 

To renew my love of reading I initially set myself a goal of one book a month, increasing my reading goal bit by bit every year! Last year I read 29 books! What a success! Not a huge number by any means but big enough for me! 

This year I’m planning on beating last years number and reading as many books as possible from this reading challenge I found on Pinterest: 

I’m also in two book clubs; one online and one where we meet up each month to discuss and decide upon a new book! I will   Most definitely be reading all of the books suggested in the second book club, and others that I can fit in along the way!

The plan for this blog is to review the books I read! I don’t know if anyone will even end up reading this, but if they do then I would hope that they might find some inspiration among my posts! 

Any advice, suggestions and comments will be most welcome! As well as any book recommendations obviously 😉! 

C x 


1 thought on “My 2017 Action Plan!”

  1. Cool challenge! My goal is to read around 52 books this year, so if possible one a week. If I fall behind I always get time to catch up on it over the summer break, since I usually have a lot of time to read then 🙂 Last year I read about 40-something books, so I hope it’s gonna be doable.

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