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Self Help or Self Sabotage?

Picture This:

You’re sitting on the couch. You are feeling completely relaxed. The sun is shining through the window, highlighting all the little specks of dust that are floating about almost magically in the air. You have the window opened, just a smidge, leaving in a refreshing,cool breeze. You can hear nothing other than the cheerful chirping of the birds that are perched on the tree outside your house. (Optional: you have a sumptuous glass of red wine in hand, enjoying the bright and fresh flavours that grace your mouth with every sip!) You pick up your book which, contrary to your usual genre of fiction, is a “self-help” book! Intrigued, you flick to the opening pages and begin to read…

Do you a) feel completely inspired by the words on the pages and aim to go forward to live your best life or b) read a few chapters and think to yourself “what a load of bulls**t!”?

The reason I ask is because I am interested in the general perception of these books! A few years ago I would have scoffed at the thought of curling up with a self-help book and trying to figure out how a book could teach me to be happier. Now, however, I am fascinated by them!

I learned how to believe in myself. I learned how to set goals, you know, self help books man. I just read every single one I can get a hold of, and I still do.

– Drew Carey

I’ve read titles such as The Road Less Travelled, The Secret, The Power of Now, etc and love how they make me feel like anything and everything is possible in my life! I love taking the time to learn about ‘bettering’ myself and dealing with stress. But I do know that a lot of people read these exact same books and end up giving up because they feel completely useless and uninspired. They don’t see the lessons and possibilities the book holds, only the lack of calm and opportunity in their lives.

At the turn of the year, one of my best friends and I decided to make a conscious effort this year to be less stressed and much happier in our day to day lives. We decided that we would both read one self help book a month. I chose the one for January, she will choose the one for February, and so on. This mini reading challenge is really exciting me! I can’t wait to see what tips and tricks I learn along the way and what adventures it will inspire! As with all the books I’m reading this year, I will post a review here when I’ve finished each one!

January’s book is The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight. I’m halfway through the book and am absolutely loving it! I honestly can’t wait to write my book review on this and hopefully encourage others to enjoy this laugh-out-loud gem of a book!

So, tell me this much, are you a believer in self help, or do you believe that it does nothing more than sabotage your self-esteem?

I’d love to hear what the general consensus is around this topic!

C x


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