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On Giving Up 

Do you “give up” on books??

I was never the kind of person that could leave a book unfinished but I feel, as I get older, why waste my time on something that brings me no joy?! 


I’ve given up on The Man In The High Castle! It was incredibly boring! I decided to read the book because my Boyfriend started watching the TV show and said it was incredible. Naturally, as an avid reader, I assumed that the book would be better. Unfortunately for me I was very wrong. It was not to my taste at all. Different narratives were taking place within the same chapters and I was incredibly bored… not a happy happy! However, when I reached the 50% mark I made the decision to close the e-book and leave it closed. I couldn’t force myself to read a book that was not bringing me any satisfaction . 

What is your stance on  Giving Up? I’d love to hear what you have to say below!



3 thoughts on “On Giving Up ”

  1. I’ve given up on a few books in my life, mostly ones I was supposed to be reading for college but just wasn’t into. But the only one I’ve ever given up on that I was reading for myself was Love in the Time of Cholera. I got maybe a third to half way through and just couldn’t take it anymore. It was getting to the point where I was just reading it because I felt like I had to finish it, it was a chore more than anything else. It’s rare that I feel that way about a book, but I definitely agree that it’s not worth your time to finish something if you’re not enjoying it. There are too many great books out there to waste time reading bad ones.

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    1. I love this! You’re so right! There’s no point torturing ourselves! A friend of mine once hid a book from me because I forcing myself to finish it and hated it! I haven’t looked back since!


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