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Book Review: Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult


I started reading this book ages ago and it killed me to have to put it on hold! However, this weekend I got tonnes of uninterrupted reading time and got to finish the whole thing! And, what’s even better is that I absolutely loved it!

Small Little Things, like other books of Picoult’s, follows a number of characters throughout the book. In this novel, we meet Ruth, an African-American Labor and Delivery Nurse; Kennedy, a Defense Attorney; Turk, a White Supremacist, and Brittany, Turk’s wife. These are the central characters that accompany us on our journey of examining racial prejudice that is present in today’s society.

Brittany and Turk arrive in the hospital to deliver their baby and welcome a beautiful baby boy into the world; Davis. However, when Ruth starts her shift and arrives to check on Davis and Brittany, Turk asks to see her supervisor and Ruth is then banned from providing medical attention to the baby. What should Ruth do when she notices that Davis is becoming unresponsive? Does she help the child, or does she follow orders and refrain from engaging in medical care?

Small Great Things cleverly explores the reality of racism in the modern world.

Picoult’s book arrives very aptly as the Black Lives Matter movement is at the forefront of society. It made me step back and question my racial prejudices and try to comprehend what innate beliefs I may have. While I do not consider myself to hold any racial bias whatsoever, Picoult very cleverly shows us that it is not always that simple. Do White people actively try to treat Black people as equal? If so, perhaps instead of trying not to see skin colour, skin colour is all we see. Picoult argues the case of equity versus equality and allows us to view the world from different perspectives; each as unique as the last.

Jodi Picoult held my attention throughout the book. Even when I had not been able to read the book in a long time, I yearned to go back to it. I couldn’t wait until the day when I got my hands on the book again and could accompany Ruth on her journey.

This is definitely a book I would recommend because it has affected me greatly in my day to day life. I now notice little things about people’s behaviours and it makes me wonder how far we have actually come in terms of equality for all. As the blurb on the book states: it is about opening your eyes.

Quite simply this book is a must read!

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