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Life Updates…

Today the Universe taught me a lesson. Before 8am!

I got up, I went downstairs to the kitchen and applied my make up as breakfast was cooking. After I had eaten I went upstairs to brush my teeth, and because I was in a world of my own, I moisturised my face…. over my make-up… and ruined the whole thing…! Instead of freaking out and getting stressed I just laughed it off.

I was thinking about the moisturising incident on my drive to work and felt that the Universe must be telling me to try to focus more on the fun things, the funny things, the positive things. And I am so grateful for that lesson because it genuinely feels like the day just got worse from there. I can’t even go into it without wanting to cry so I’ll swiftly avoid the rest of the day and skip straight to my conclusions….

Working full time and studying = lots of stress
Life = lots of stress
Every day = good little things
Little things > Stressful times

I need to get my ass in gear and stop putting myself under so much pressure.
I need to do more of the things that make me happy.
I need to enjoy the ride.

This blog tends to get less of my attention as I’m doing assignments, which makes sense as I’m reading far more academic papers than I am books… I’ve been thinking of perhaps making this a book and lifestyle blog instead of just a book blog. I may have something interesting to say, and then again I may not! Who knows!

So, expect a bit of redecorating! I will still be posting book reviews but you may be seeing a bit more about me and my day to day life! (I apologise in advance if my life bores you!)

With love,




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