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Book Review: Perfect by Cecelia Ahern

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Perfect is the second and final installment of Cecelia Ahern’s Young Adult series. And, before I even begin the review I need to say that when the book came to an end I was a little shocked; these books didn’t follow the usual trend of being a trilogy! I had read the book so quickly that when I got to the end I felt a little cheated because there wouldn’t be another sequel but, what to do! My personal longing for another book just goes to show how well they were written!

Lets get back to business!

Perfect follows Celestine North on the next part of her adventure. Having been branded Flawed by Judge Crevan, and being declared the most dangerous threat to society, Celestine is on the run. The book begins with Celestine in hiding on her grandfather’s farm, never knowing who to trust, never knowing when it will all stop. While Judge Crevan, father to her ex-boyfriend Art, appears to have the upper hand, Celestine has one little secret that can destroy him, his power, and the Guild forever.

The book follows Celestine as she uncovers who she can and cannot trust. We meet some wonderful new characters and get an even greater taste of the dystopian world in which they live. Will Celestine share her secret and be the cause of a revolution, or will she hold her cards close to her chest and stay hidden in fear?

Flawed and Perfect have taught me many little things. It has made me become very aware of the power that the government can hold and how they can often abuse this power. I have seen the value and strength of family and friendship and it has made me consider who would stick around in my life if shit hit the fan!

Overall this was a really gripping read, I couldn’t put it down. I would have loved to have had another book or two in the series – so Cecelia if you’re reading, please continue with it!!!

4.5/5 for this book. Losing 1/2 a star because I feel like the story could progress further!

Have you read Flawed? Are you planning on reading Perfect? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love,



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