Hi! I go by C! Thanks for stopping by! 

My blog initially started out as a book blog. However, after much deliberation, I found it wasn't fulfilling enough for me and so I've decided to make it much more personal! 

I'm hoping that this blog will be a positive place where people can stop by and leave smiling! 

Posts will hopefully contain many things including snapshots of my life, my thoughts, and my feelings! 

I'll be sharing the interesting things I find out during my day to day life! And, in staying true to my passion (reading, books, writing) I'll also posting up a few scattered book reviews! 

Some facts about me

Loves: I love the colour blue, Salt&Vinegar crisps, and Cherry Blossom trees! I love my friends and family and my amazing boyfriend! I love the little things in life and I love to do my best to be a happy person – which isn't always as easy as it seems! 

Tear Jerkers: Things that make me cry are One Born Every Minute, Long Lost Families, and those YouTube videos where people surprise their kids! Lately I'm crying at anything and everything that's even slightly emotional though! 

Passions: These are reading, writing, spending time with people who make me happy and, of course, laughing; because what's life without laughter?! I am also very passionate about being the best version of me possible – and no I'm not a health and fitness fantastic, just someone who truly believes in taking care of my mental health and being a positive person! 

Weaknesses: Im a sucker for puppies, babies, tulips,  pizza, and pretty scenery! Give me any of these things and I'm a very happy little lady! 

Please feel free to browse, to explore, and of course, to comment! I'd love to hear whatever it is you have to say! 

Instagram & Twitter: @busybookworm88 

Sending love!