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The Sunday Currently #8

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This week I’ve finished reading Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey, and a review is scheduled to go live tomorrow morning!


I have since moved onto a new book called Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I’m not too far into the book but it appears to be a very nice, sweet read. It’s about young Madeline who, due to an illness involving very serious allergies, is unable to leave her house.

She has, in the first few pages so this isn’t a spoiler, become attracted to the boy next door and I’m expecting that this book is going to be a YA novel about how love will always find a way. I may be proved wrong but we will just have to wait and see. Even though I feel like this may be a bit predictable, I’ve had a few laugh-out-loud moments and am really enjoying it so far! I’ve also just found out that it is being adapted into a movie and is due to be released on the 18th of August in Ireland! Don’t you just love when a book you’re reading is due to be a movie soon? It almost always means that the book is great!

everything everything


I’m currently writing the same assignment I was talking about last week. I’m 2/5 of the way through it thanks to a lot of time and effort put in over the weekend and I just cannot wait until it is finished. It is a heartbreaker!!

I also, when this bloody assignment is out of the way, want to work on a blog post schedule whereby I have regular posting days and can stick to that. For example, I always try to post a Sunday Currently blog post but would love to have that commitment to other days of the week too!


In the past two days I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental, movie soundtrack type of music because that genre of music always helps me to focus. I also really like the song that won the Eurovision last night but think that the sister, the girl who wrote the song, sings it much better than the brother, the guy who performed the song! Have a listen below and see what you think! Is it just me or does she have a hint of Norah Jones about her voice?!


This week its salt water, and fresh sea air! I’m at the west coast and I’m walking up to the beach every now and then to take breaks from my work! Nothing beats that smell!


That this next 3/5 of the assignment will be a doddle! Then I will be celebrating being finally finished my Post Grad! (After already doing two Post Grads you’d swear I wasn’t educated enough!!!)


Currently in comfy gym gear! Nothing spectacular at all I’m afraid!


I am loving the fact that I have a mobile home to escape to each weekend. I love getting away from the rat race, and away from the city; I am much calmer when I am surrounded by nature and am so grateful to have a place by the beach at my disposal! It’s a very special kind of anticipation, when you know that you have somewhere beautiful to go at the weekends; it makes the working week just that little bit more tolerable!



I am feeling very excited! There are lots of fun things on the horizon for me and I cannot wait! Not only is the upcoming weekend the end of my Post Grad, it is also my friend’s Hen Party and I cannot wait! It’s so exciting when one of your friends is getting married and I love how there’s a big girls weekend away to celebrate! I won’t post any details here today about the plans because it’s all a big surprise but I am really looking forward to it!

As well as that I have a pretty epic holiday planned for the summer. I am going over to Himself in Alaska for two weeks and then we will be spending a few days in Vancouver – my favourite city in the world – before coming back to Ireland together! I was there two years ago with my friends and am so excited about going back!

The countdown is on – only 36 days until I am getting on a plane to see Himself after four and a half long ass months!!

 W A T C H I N G

I’ve not been watching anything this weekend except for the word count on my assignment! It feels something like this:

Image result for gif paint drySource

I hope everyone has a wonderful week – make sure you plan something to look forward to! It makes all the difference!


General musings

Where Have You Been?!

I’ve been exceptionally quiet here!
I have been working endlessly at college work and have not been able to read at all. I know this might sound very odd but it made me feel so resentful! I’ve been working so hard, day and night, to complete a fairly hefty project and in order to do this I had to sacrifice my reading time. Reading and writing for pleasure were deleted from my schedule; ironic given the fact that the tag line of this blog states “because there’s always time to read!”
I have been slowly reading The Master Key System each morning for 20 minutes as part of my Miracle Morning practice and am looking forward to reviewing it when I finish reading it! Fiction however was pushed to the wayside and, if I’m brutally honest, I missed it so much! It’s almost like a coping mechanism for me. You know that feeling of escape you get when you’re immersed in a fantastic book?! That’s what was missing for me! I felt as though I couldn’t escape the real world anymore. Not that the real world is a place of hurt or hate or torture for me, by any means! I simply missed the bliss of book reading! I’m glad to announce (and yes I’m announcing it because I feel like I have just climbed Everest!) that I have completed the project and can now get back to reading for pleasure as opposed to conducting interventions, researching academic journals and writing up findings! That is, until the next deadline comes a-looming!
As a reward to myself for completing the work, I’ve come to the rural coastline of the West of Ireland! A place where I have no phone reception and no internet! (Except for when I can tether my phone to someone else’s!) Why, you might ask?! To read in absolute peace and quiet!!! I’ve just finished Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult and can not wait to write up my review!
So, my fellow bookworms and bloggers, please forgive my absence! I’m back and am so glad and so grateful to be able to read and write and review again!
With love,


Book Club Choice

Book Club Choice For January ’17

Our Book Club Choice for January 2017 is I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson! 

Feel free to join in and read along! Review will be posted when the book club meet up is over and all opinions have been cast! 

Will you be reading along? Be sure to let me know and drop a comment below! 

Happy Reading Fellow Bookworms 

C x